As a music publisher we work directly with both established and newly emerging writers across a diverse musical range. Together with offering specialist advice, we also aim to build the all-important personal connection.

Our original specialty was in developing and encouraging material for children and all-age, and we now have one of the largest catalogues of UK Children’s songwriters who have all proven their material to be engaging, fun, creative and biblically sound.  Doug Horley (Duggie Dug Dug), Paul Field, Judy MacKenzie, Nick & Becky Drake, Big Ministries, Pete James and Trevor Ranger are a few of the writers we have worked alongside and who have populated many exciting albums & projects with their songs.

We have gone on to cover other areas of music, closely working alongside the Essential Christian resource department on both worship and contemporary Christian music. Our expanding and dynamic catalogue comprises a diverse and extensive range of popular musical styles, from classical to electronic.

Song Solutions has a heart for ministry and together with Essential Christian, seeks to support and encourage writers and artists in their ministries to enable excellent music to be produced in order to inspire and strengthen faith in Christians of all ages, and to bring the gospel to the world.


Working with our Network Partners provides us with many opportunities. So, if you’re a writer and you think you have written an amazing song, we offer the following opening for you to submit your songs. 

Song specific agreements are where we offer a full term publishing agreement and take all reasonable steps to exploit the work(s). This may be in conjunction with an Artist deal or material submitted for specific projects.

Our policy for accepting new material for this type of agreement is that songs should always have been ‘road-tested’ within local church / church programmes or through concerts or events. We only accept a demo CD / MP3 or link to YouTube, SoundCloud or similar, together with lyrics and chord chart as a minimum. The email subject line should be ‘Song Solutions – Submissions’ and sent to info@songsolutions.org. Or send to Song Solutions, 14 Horsted Square, Uckfield TN22 1QG

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